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Monica the Medium

"Being a medium, it's about connecting people to the loved ones that they've lost. It's about the healing."

- Monica Ten-Kate                            

Monica Ten-Kate (aka Monica the Medium®is an extraordinarily gifted Spirit Medium, author, mentor, podcast host, and star of the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) original television series Monica the Medium. Monica's natural energy and presence makes her a relatable and lovable messenger for the Other Side.


Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Monica was always an old soul with a sense of the world beyond her years. At the age of fifteen, she began to realize that her empathic tendencies were accompanied by a sense of feelings, signs, and symbols, which she later discovered was Spirit communicating.

These days, Monica travels to cities across the country for her LIVE Messages from Above events. She also teaches online courses and workshops for those coming into their own gifts, is the creator of The Empath Oracle deck, and hosts a podcast, Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium. 

Additionally, Monica is the author of her first book, Messages from Above: What Your Love Ones in Heaven Want You to Know (out now on Amazon, Audible, and other online retailers).


For the latest updates, make sure you're following Monica on on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter (@MonicatheMedium).

Please Note: Monica no longer offers scheduled private readings nor does she have a waitlist, however she does host free reading giveaways at various times throughout the year. Subscribe to the newsletter on and follow @MonicatheMedium so that you can enter future giveaways for a chance to win a free private reading! 

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