The Empath Oracle

July 21, 2020

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Empaths feel the energy and emotions of not only themselves but also the people around them. Too often a way to cope with this is to distance and isolate yourself from others and turn to toxic distractions. Or you may be feeling lonely or misunderstood and are trying to fill a void. Either way, this card signals addictive behavior. This might be drugs or alcohol, but it could also be shopping, food, sex, or gambling—anything that lets you numb the feelings for a while. 

However, these habits are merely temporary solutions that, ultimately, will only add to the problem by lowering your vibration, making it harder for you to manage your energy and stay grounded.

It’s time to confront the issue head on. Going forward, make a conscious effort to learn how to properly handle and process overwhelming emotions in healthier ways, such as exercise, journaling, therapy, or meditation.

Your own feelings have been buried under the weight of everyone else’s for far too long. You need to feel them to heal them. Commit to whatever process your own soul needs, and ask for help when you need it. If you’ve been stress eating, try identifying the most addictive foods and then eliminate them from your pantry. Take things one step at a time, and allow yourself to gradually replace your negative coping mechanisms with new positive habits.


Questions to ask yourself: What have I been using to numb my feelings? Have I been distancing myself from people who care for me? How can I start processing emotions in healthy and effective ways? What changes can I make in my everyday life to help me cut out or limit habits that are not good for me?


Additional meanings: Look within. Make a life change. Commit to sobriety. Find healthier alternatives for working through your emotions. Let people know when you’re struggling. Create meaningful connections. Discern true food cravings from emotional eating. Create an environment where you understand your limitations and can feel safe. Face your feelings. 

This card and excerpt is from The Empath Oracle — a 62 card oracle deck and guidebook created and written by @MonicatheMedium. Original artwork and design by @ProcessProgress.

The cards referenced above are from The Empath Oracle, a 62-card oracle deck and guidebook created and written by Monica the Medium. If you share a screenshot of this page on your social media please tag @MonicatheMedium and/or @EmpathOracle somewhere visible. Thanks!

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