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Empath Masterclass with Monica the Medium


When: Sunday September 23, 2018 from 10am PT - 12pm PT


Where: Online (join this live class from the comfort of your own home!)

*Instructions and the link to view the online class will be emailed to you by 6pm PT on 9/21/18

(If you register after 4pm PT on 9/21 then you will receive this email by 9pm PT on 9/22)

*During the class, attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions via an online chat feature. Monica will answer as many questions as time allows (Please note: Monica will ONLY be answering questions that pertain to the class content)

What You Will Get Out of This Class:

-A greater understanding of your empath abilities 

-​How to distinguish your emotions from the emotions of others'

-Ways to stop absorbing other people's feelings

-Techniques for protecting, cleansing, and grounding your energy

-Actionable tools and tips for making day-to-day life as an empath less overwhelming

-Tips for managing your empathic tendencies at work, school, and social situations

-Helpful practices for self-care

-Effective strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries 

-Advice for parents with empathic children

-Tips for working through relationship roadblocks as an empath, without feeling so drained

-An overview of the different types of empaths

-Shifting your mindset for viewing your empath abilities as a gift and not a curse



-How to distinguish whether or not Spirit may be trying to communicate with you.


-Understand the connection between empaths and mediumship.

Energy Exchange / Investment: $111 




Not sure if you're an empath? Listen to this podcast where Monica shares 16 signs / common traits of empaths. 

If you were interested in attending this class live, but cannot make the September 2018 date/time, please check back and make sure you're following @MonicatheMedium and @EmpathOracle on Instagram for the latest updates. More dates will likely be added in the future - but the structure, format, content, and pricing is subject to change.

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