The Empath Oracle

June 26, 2020

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The world could always use another kind gesture or friendly smile. People sometimes forget the power they possess just while walking around, living their daily lives—the power to put goodness into the world. If you spend most of your time with your head down, just trying to get through the day, you might be missing out on an opportunity to spread kindness and enliven your own soul. Next time you go out, try to notice the people around you and look for the chance to do good. Everything you do ripples out in the world; you have the power to make those waves full of positivity!

For empaths, acts of service may come naturally. But at the same time, there’s usually some cost to this—because you tend to absorb the emotions and tensions of others, your acts of service are generally directed to the people closest to you or who are most in need. 

You might be putting too much pressure on yourself, or asking yourself to do too much. Instead, try to help in small ways. This can be as easy as giving someone a smile, putting a few extra dollars in the tip jar, or helping an elderly person cross the street. You might be tempted to ask yourself if this is “enough.” This card is telling you that it is! Small acts of kindness can give people hope, inspire them to pay it forward, and even change the course of  someone’s life—even if you never know about it! Everyone is facing their own battles. You never truly know what someone else is going through. Because of this, it’s so important to be as kind and compassionate as possible with everyone you meet.

Then, when you feel you have the emotional capacity and are capable of doing so, you can give more of yourself and your time to caring for people or volunteering. You might find that the act of giving is incredibly healing. When you invest your energy into acts of good, you enliven your soul and create positive and healthy attachments in the world. 


Questions to ask yourself: In what small ways can I make a difference and spread kindness? How much of myself am I able to give right now?


Additional meanings: Calling for charity work. Giving back. Small acts of kindness. Make a donation. Treat someone to coffee. Pay it forward. Spread light and love. The situation or person you’re asking about would benefit from compassion and kindness from you or others. 

This card and excerpt is from The Empath Oracle — a 62 card oracle deck and guidebook created and written by @MonicatheMedium. Original artwork and design by @ProcessProgress.

The cards referenced above are from The Empath Oracle, a 62-card oracle deck and guidebook created and written by Monica the Medium. If you share a screenshot of this page on your social media please tag @MonicatheMedium and/or @EmpathOracle somewhere visible. Thanks!

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