How much does Monica charge to assist on a Missing Persons Case?

Any and all missing persons work Monica chooses to take on is Pro-bono (done for free).

How can I get Monica to help us?

Since Monica can only agree to work on two missing persons cases a year, she decides who to assist based on which two cases she's most drawn to / feels most compelled to help. If you are associated with a missing persons case as an immediate family member or the lead detective (and have the family's permission to seek out a medium) and would like to send us your information for future consideration please fill out the form below. THERE IS NO WAIT LIST and absolutely no guarantee that your case will be selected. You will only hear back from us if Monica has chosen to take on your case. At that point an initial consultation will be scheduled and follow up sessions and in-person search visits will be planned for if theres a strong enough connection and it feels like a good fit on both ends.


This type of work is not a one-reading type of situation. Especially with an active/more recent missing persons case, Monica will work with the family or investigator for months at a time. This work requires an enormous amount of time and is incredibly draining on Monica’s energy. Due to the ongoing commitment and emotional toll it takes, Monica can only agree to assist on TWO missing persons cases each year. She chooses which cases to work on based on which she feels most drawn to. This area of mediumship work is not her speciality or where she personally feels called to spend the majority of her time and energy on at this point of her life.

Missing Persons Cases