Free Reading Giveaways

Does it cost money to enter the giveaways that Monica hosts on her instagram, facebook, and/or twitter? And if I win do I have to pay anything for the reading?

Nope! Everything is free!

Is there a reading giveaway happening now?

At this time, no. But make sure you're following Monica's instagram (@MonicatheMedium) and turn on "post notifications" so that you don't miss out on future opportunties!

What type of reading do giveaway winners receive?

It varies depending on the giveaway. Monica has done free giveaways for private hour long Skype sessions, two person readings, and even in-person private group readings where she has traveled to the winner’s home across the country (at no cost to them) to host a free 2 hour group reading for their family and friends!

How can I enter the free reading giveaways?

Make sure you’re following Monica on her social media pages as she posts them periodically throughout the year. Each giveaway will have different requirements to enter, depending on the social media platform (ie. must "like" and "share" the giveaway post on Facebook, or "like" the giveaway image and "follow" on instagram, etc). Turning on “post notifications” is highly recommended so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to enter! Monica's Instagram Monica's Facebook Monica's Twitter

How often does Monica host free giveaways on social media?

It varies, but she usually hosts them a few times periodically throughout the year. However, some of the giveaways have multiple readings up for grabs. For example, in one of her recent giveaways four different people won a private one hour reading with Monica. By the end of each year, she has usually ended up doing at least 10-20 free readings for giveaway winners.

How are winners selected?

All winners are selected randomly via lottery-style drawings.