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Submit a Testimonial

Hi friends!

If you've ever attended one of my live Messages from Above events or have witnessed me give a live reading elsewhere, or have received one yourself (whether it be at an event, on my podcast, through a giveaway, or back in the days when I used to do scheduled private readings), I would SO appreciate it if you took the time to submit a testimonial/review of your experience for me to possibly feature on my website, emailed newsletters, and/or social media!


Thank you in advance for supporting me this way. 


As much as I appreciate the love and support, please DO NOT submit a review using this form if it's only for my TV show, book, or podcast. While it would mean THE WORLD to me if you've read my book and would like to leave a review, the best place to leave a review for my book would be on Amazon, Audible, Apple AudiobooksBarnes & Noble, and/or GoodReads. If you would like to leave a review for my the podcast, please do so by searching "Wine and Spirits with Monica the Medium" within the Apple Podcasts app. However, feel free to use the form below to share a screenshot of your posted book review or podcast review so that I can be sure to read it (and perhaps share it in future newsletters or on my social media!) 


Thanks again for taking a few minutes out of your day to help me with this!

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