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Hi friends! It's been almost 5 years since I've asked for testimonials, so I hope you won't mind taking just a few minutes out of your day to help me!


If you've ever attended one of my live Messages from Above events or have witnessed me give a live reading elsewhere, or have received one yourself (whether it be at an event, on my podcast, through a giveaway, or back when I used to do private readings), I would SO appreciate it if you took the time to submit a testimonial/review of your experience for me to possibly feature on my website and/or social media!


Thank you in advance for supporting me this way. 


As much as I appreciate the love and support, please DO NOT submit a review using this form if it's only for my TV show or podcast. If you do want to leave a review for the podcast, please do so by searching "Wine and Spirits with Monica the Medium" within the Apple Podcasts app. However, feel free to share a screenshot of your podcast review for me to include on the podcast page of my website or to share on my Instagram stories :) Thanks again!

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