Does it cost money to enter Ticket Giveaways?

It's free to enter the Messages from Above Ticket Giveaways. Some of the ticket giveaways require commenting, liking, or sharing a post on one of Monica’s social media pages to be entered into the drawing; but most of the time she gives tickets away on spontaneous facebook streams where she just randomly picks people who are watching live and express interest by commenting during the stream.

What exactly do the winners receive?

Winners receive either two free General Admission or two free VIP tickets (depending on the giveaway) to the event that giveaway is associated with. There are ZERO guarantees that a ticket winner will get a reading. It's not up to Monica who Spirit comes through for during an event.

How often does Monica do Ticket Giveaways? And how many tickets are given away?

Monica does a free ticket giveaway via spontaneous Facebook/Instagram livestreams or official giveaways on her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at some point before every single one of her scheduled Messages from Above events. Across all events, approximately 150 free tickets were distributed to winners in 2017.

How can I enter future Ticket Giveaways?

Make sure you’re following Monica on social media. If Monica is doing a live stream, she’ll typically put in the caption if she’s doing a spontaneous ticket giveaway and if so, what event it’s for. Also turn on "post notifcations" on her social media pages to be notified of any future ticket giveaways that can be entered by liking, commenting and/or sharing the post during a specific time period. Monica's Facebook Monica's Instagram Monica's Twitter

Free Ticket Giveaways