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Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know - Inscribed Hardcover (Personalized)

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Inscribed hardcover copies of Messages from Above are exclusively carried by Monica. As of now, you won't find the hardcover anywhere else! And once they're all gone, there may not be another print run — so be sure to secure your copy while you still can!

This hardcover edition of Messages from Above is personally inscribed and signed inside by Monica Ten-Kate. Wondering what makes these copies different than the signed copies? A signed copy merely bears Monica's autograph, whereas an inscribed copy means that Monica will personally handwrite a note made out to you (or whoever you choose) above her signature (For example, an inscribed copy might say, "Dear Sarah - Happy 60th Birthday! May this book bring you lasting peace and comfort. Love, Monica". Upon checking out, you will be directed to leave instructions for the inscription.

Infused with Monica’s signature blend of empathy, authenticity, and light-hearted humor, Messages from Above will make you laugh as much as you cry. It’s for anyone who’s ever struggled with unresolved questions and feelings such as guilt or disbelief after losing a loved one. It’s for people who’ve wondered: What happens when we die? Do dogs go to Heaven? What are soul contracts? Can the dead watch us have sex?

Monica Ten-Kate, star of Freeform’s Monica the Medium, answers your burning questions while sharing Spirit’s most profound insights to help you heal in the midst of grief. Different types of loss are addressed, including: the death of a child, tragic accidents, terminal illness, suicide, overdose, miscarriage, and more.

Additionally, Monica weaves in uplifting channeled messages, jaw-dropping stories of past readings, and candid anecdotes of what life’s like as a twenty-five-year-old medium.

You’ll feel more connected to your departed family, friends, and pets. You’ll learn how to spot the signs they send from the Other Side. More than anything, you’ll be able to move forward with peace, comfort, and clarity knowing that love never dies.

Estimated Delivery: You will receive your personalized hardcover within approximately two to three weeks from the time you place your order, though it could end up being sooner than that (an email with the tracking information will automatically be sent to you once your order has been shipped from San Diego).


*An automated sales tax will be applied upon checkout for all California orders (Wish we didn’t have such high sales tax! But this is out of our control).

There is a limit of one inscribed copy per order. If you would like to purchase additional inscribed copies, you will need to do so via separate orders.

All sales are FINAL. Since Monica will personally sign/inscribe, pack, and ship your book(s) (ensuring that you receive exactly what you've ordered) we will not be offering any refunds/exchanges, nor do we allow any changes to your order or cancellations/returns. Please note the estimated delivery and make sure your shipping address + any inscription instructions are correctly entered at check out, as you will not be able to change these details once you've submitted your order.

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