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Where do I begin... My best friend's wife introduced me to Monica's tv series years ago after I had several back to back passings in my family. Though I'm spiritually open minded, there loomed that natural shadow of doubt when it came to mediums, the afterlife, etc. After watching her show, I followed her on instagram and eventually bought her book "Messages from Above". I know this a testimonial on readings - but I have to pause here and say how insane that book was, in the best way. I bought it simply out of curiosity and hopes of entertainment, but ended up feeling pretty damn convinced I now knew the answer to humanity's biggest questions: What is the meaning of life? -and- What happens when we die? (Anyway, highly recommend!) I realized Monica was located in San Diego (where I lived at the time) and ended up attending her Christmas 2019 Messages from Above event. I was blown away. She gave back to back readings for at least three hours, providing names, dates, specific circumstances, inside jokes, etc. There was not a single person she read that wasn't nodding their heads in agreement and weeping, knowing she was connecting them to their loved ones. I may have not walked away with a reading that night, but I did walk away convinced her gift is absolutely real. Over time, I sent her book to loved ones, all which joined me on 2 virtual Messages from Above events - one in 2020 and most recently this Friday, October 1st, 2021. There are an incredible amount of people at these events/on these calls. Never did I expect to get a reading. Lo and behold, my Step-mother came through for my step-sister and I, later joined by my grandmother and great-grandmother. Without writing a novel here, I cannot begin to unpack the reading. All I can tell you is that Monica not only provided specific ages, dates, names, health conditions, etc., she gave deeply personal accounts of undocumented events, undisclosed future plans, favorite past-times and a few very private things that neither my sister or I had ever disclosed (even among each other). These things (things you cannot Google, find in public record or on social media) let me know she was truly connecting with my loved ones. (No matter how hard I wanted to question it, I could not.) The kicker was the most random phrases she relayed verbatim to what my grandmother used to say. (How my grandmother used to introduce herself to make people remember her name, etc.) Monica has such a charming way of channeling personalities, but in an uncontrived way. That leads me to one of my favorite things about Monica... she's just an extraordinary, ordinary human. Even though she's got this incredible gift, she is so approachable and kind. (As is her husband!) But best of all, she's funny as heck and handles all of this with such authenticity. You can tell she gives herself completely to the process and is emotionally invested in both representing your loved ones respectfully and accurately so that you may receive a healing message. I know I did and much, much more. If you ever have the chance to join an event, I strongly encourage it. Even if you do not get a reading, I guarantee you will leave as blown away as I was and find healing in the messages from the loved ones of others. If you cannot make it to an event, go snag her book. Even before attending the events, it made me view this whole thing called Life a little differently... in a lot more beautiful, compassionate way. We've all got a higher self.. and if we choose to see that in each other, the world would be a better place.

-- Trey


I attended Monica's Messages From Above live Zoom event on September 2nd, 2021. It was the most joyous, inspiring, uplifting, and comforting discussions about "death/transitioning" I've ever had! I watched Monica give readings to about 10-15 different people or more, and all were dead-on (pun intended)! Even though I didn't receive a personal message from my mom (which I felt I didn't need as much as other people probably did), I received so much insight, wisdom, and messages from my mom as well. I love how even though our time was up, she kept going just to make sure we got the most out of the experience. Out of any medium I've ever witnessed or had a session with, I love Monica's style the best. She is so positive, warm, loving, and the way she delivers messages is so comforting and just feels happy. I love how she said, "You don't need me to give/received messages to your loved ones. You all can do it." That made me feel ecstatic. I left the session just flying so high, feeling my mom and all my other loved ones around me joining in my happiness. I will definitely do another one again, and I am so excited to listen her audiobook as well! Thank you so much, Monica, for helping me heal so much after the passing of my mother, and for continuing to inspire me in my spiritual pursuits and communications!

-- Shawna


I was a fan of Monica’s TV show back when it aired and was so excited to read her book, Messages from Above when it came out. I always wanted to meet Monica or attend one of her shows, but the opportunity never arose. Finally, I was able to attend one of Monica’s Zoom events in October 2020. I was so excited to just enjoy the show and listen to people receive their healing messages from above. Obviously I was hoping there was a chance that I might receive my own message, but I was SHOCKED when right off the bat, Monica brought through my brother who I lost in 2013. So many validations! She was able to communicate so many messages from my brother - it was such a life changing experience. My husband and I were in shock. She gave me such a thorough reading and it was the best gift I have ever received. I constantly think back to that day and smile, knowing that my brother is ok and still connected to me and my family. Monica is truly a wonderful person who is the REAL DEAL. My life and understanding of what happens to my loved ones after they pass away has forever changed due to this experience. I know that my loved ones are always there, and that the “hellos from heaven” are real.

-- Abby

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I attended one of Monica’s virtual events in May 2021. My twin sister and cousin also attended the event. As the night wrapped up, we were sure our loved ones were not going to directly come through to us, though we had all received some indirect messages during the other readings. With a few minutes left, Monica brought my mom who passed away suddenly at 41 through!! Not only was everything she said spot on, but she was able to channel my mom’s goofy energy so perfectly. I didn’t go into the event with any expectations, but could not speak more highly of the experience and Monica’s healing yet totally relatable energy. If you’ve ever thought about attending an event but haven’t bought a ticket, do so now and I promise you won’t regret it. Months later and I still look back on this night as one of the best days of my life.

-- Alexa


I had attended Monica's online event October of 2020. I picked the October event, because it was the month my dad's birthday was. For months, and months leading up to the event - I prayed to my dad daily telling him where Monica was located (san diego) and told him the time and day the event was and asked all my spirit guides, god, arch angels to help him be able to come through. During this event, she came through asking if anyone connected with the name "Bob" who was a father who passed away. I raised my hand and she called me. My adrenaline shot up. She talked about how my dad was there for my wedding (just happened 3 months prior to the event). And how he told me to stop worrying about my weight (which I was weighing myself on the scale daily because I kept losing weight and looked anorexic). She continued sharing messages from him and then said that my dad wanted to step a side (not because I did not love him, but because I have also been waiting so long to hear from someone else. This someone else happened to be my brother in law - who was more of a brother then an in law). She had confirmed that he was hit on a motor cycle, and that this wasn't what killed him. (SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!) She also stated that he was in a coma with a head injury, and she knew that he was on a feeding tube. She also stated that there was a law suit still going on to this day (which it STILL is). She also mentioned that my brother in law acknowledged how my sister is with another guy, but she still is his love of his life. We never once posted any of this information on social media due to the courts, lawyers, etc. There was no way she would know ALL of this information. She knew information about everything! After this event with Monica - I left this event with 100% certainty that my loved ones are with me and they do see all the things we are going through while on earth school. Monica absolutely stunned me and was 100% with all the information she had given me that day. I was also very suicidal at the time - and after this event, it took any doubt I had. For that Monica I am forever grateful. You saved my life... **Another favorite moment: years ago I had also attended Monica's event in person at some college in Pennsylvania. She was on stage - and she had just told everyone prior to turn off their cell phones or mute them. Then all of a sudden, someone's phone started ringing in the audience. At first she was probably like what the hell... but then Monica said "OHHH its probably your alarm for your birth control!" And then the lady looked at her phone and said "OMG IT IS MY ALARM FOR MY BIRTH CONTROL". Monica I love you and I am such a huge fan. You have done so much for me, and I have never even met you. You will never know, how grateful I will forever be of you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart... Thank you for saving me.

-- Katie

I have now personally seen Monica at four different live events.  Each time I have taken a different friend who had never heard of her, let alone believed in this kind of thing.  I have witnessed Monica's gift with jaw dropping amazement each time.  Each friend that I have exposed to this not only is in awe of the breathtaking accuracy that Monica possesses but now they bring friends of their own to Monica's live events!  I cannot express in words the unbelievable way she conveys to the person she's reading the messages she's receiving from their loved ones, it's something to be witnessed and astonished by.  Monica's gift is REAL, matched only by her genuine sincerity and down to earth manner that makes her truly remarkable.  It is life changing, and if you're doubtful go see for yourself.  Even if you don't get a reading you'll be picking your jaw up off the ground!

-- Barbara


I married my high school sweetheart and our 25th wedding anniversary was coming up on Valentines Day. Our daughter had just moved to San Diego after getting married and we decided to fly out and celebrate our anniversary with them. We had watched Monica the Medium on TV and my wife thought it would be neat to attend her event together in Encinitas, CA. A month later, tragedy struck, and my wife passed away. Two days after the funeral, my daughter found out she was pregnant. I don't remember much during that holiday season as sorrow, guilt, anger, and pain battled to take over my life. Our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and my daughter insisted that I fly out and spend it with her instead of being alone. We debated on whether we should attend Monica's event, as our hearts were shattered and we were still shell-shocked from the terrible loss. After many tears, we decided to honor my wife's desire for us to see Monica together. Deep down I had hoped that Monica's "messages from above" would provide us with some peace of mind. With my daughter at my side, we listened to Monica deliver personal messages to other guests. Amid the tears, were laughter, and also a sense of comfort. And when Monica said, “I have someone's wife here”, and looked over in my direction, my heart skipped a beat, and I squeezed my daughters hand. When Monica added, “her daughter is also in the audience.”, I heard a soft, “Mommy.” escape my daughters lips. I raised my hand, and then Monica asked us to come onstage. Words cannot begin to describe how phenomenal the experience was. Monica nailed my wife's name and that she was physically supposed to be at the event. Monica channeled her fun-loving personality, and relayed that “she says don't be sad, she has the best seat in the house.” With one incredible validation after another, there was no denying that Monica is the real deal. Her details were spot on and not generic. The empathy Monica exhibited was genuine and eased some of the sorrow that was enveloping me. At that time, my life was filled with despair, sadness, and low spirits. Going to Monica's event was a turning point in my life, as the messages I heard helped turn me away from my plan of suicide. Knowing that I wasn't totally abandoned, or being punished, and hearing that my wife was no longer in pain, helped me summon the strength to carry on. There are still days when I struggle with the tsunami of emotions from losing her, but the feeling of hopelessness is slowly dissipating. Thank you Monica for sharing your gift and ultimately saving my life. And to anyone that is debating on whether to attend one of Monica's events, I highly recommend that you do. She has an incredible gift, a beautiful personality, and a fabulous message for those of us who have lost someone dear, “even though they are not physically here, they are still with you."

-- Everett

My husband and I attended one of Monica's Messages from above events. My husband was very skeptical about mediums and was attending just to support me. We had both been struggling a great deal with the passing of my father last year. Monica connected to my dad and brought through undeniable validations and life changing healing messages. It has been several months since the event and I still think about it every single day and smile, now knowing with certainty my dad is still with me. My husband 1000% believes now and he tells everyone about the experience. I cannot wait to attend another event and I rave to all my friends and family about her. Monica has a beautiful gift and I admire her so much for sharing it with the world.

-- Jaimie

"My husband and I attended a Messages From Above event December 2017 in Encinitas, CA. I lost my mother 4 years ago and was of course hopeful to receive a message from her. During the show, we did not personally receive a reading, but it was incredible to experience the healing that others were so fortunate to receive from Monica! We purchased VIP tickets so we got a chance to meet Monica briefly. She was so sweet! She explained even though we didn't receive a personal message that my Mom was kind enough to step back to let others heal who needed it more. That sounds just like her! She asked if we had any kids and we said yes, two. And she said "ah, there's gonna be one about a year!" Oh lord, this is not something we were really considering, but by golly, wouldn't you know, destiny had it's way with us and we are expecting our 3rd child now..due in December! She claims she isn't a psychic, but she is definitely connected ;-) thanks for the experience!!! It was great and so special!

-- Cassie

Monica delivers the most detailed, accurate messages than any other medium I have come across. She is the only medium I fully trust because it's evident how genuine and passionate she is when helping others. I've seen her give live readings and she was on point! The information she can interpret and communicate leaves little room for questions about the energy or spirit that remains after loved ones are physically gone. She has an amazing jaw-dropping personal story on how she grew to use her innate gifts for others, but the thing I like most about her is that despite this unique ability — she’s just like any other friend or down-to-earth girl you’d meet next door — and it’s very clear she does readings for the right reason (healing) and not just fame or money. It’s cool that she even explains and encourages others to understand that people don't necessarily need “her" to feel their loved ones around them - people can communicate direct to them, which emphasizes her humble, selfless nature.


Thanks for all your work Monica — for sharing your gift with others, mending the communication gap between loved ones, and for making us all think a little bigger and brighter."

-- Christina

I attended Monica's "Messages from Above" event at Drew University in New Jersey. It was beyond fabulous! Monica's readings were spot on, validated by members of the audience who's loved ones came through. Even though I have watched every episode of her tv show and listened to every episode of her podcast (it's awesome), this was my first time seeing Monica in person (or any medium for that matter) and I was blown away not only by her talent as a medium but by her specificity, forthrightness and compassion. I am 100% convinced she is the real deal, without reservation, hesitation or doubt. If you have the chance to see her, do it. Even if you don't get a reading (I didn't), you're happy for those who heard from their loved ones and come away knowing that your loved ones are always thinking and watching over you.

-- Rocco


I attended one of Monica’s events with an open and yet skeptical mind.  After just one reading, my jaw was on the floor! Her ability to pinpoint specific details as validation from loved ones was absolutely remarkable, and she is so relatable and kind.  Honestly though, I walked away that night with a completely different view of the after life which brings me sweet solace to know that I will see my late family, friends, and pets again in a loving, peaceful place.  My fear of death and general anxiety has changed for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I’m totally looking forward to her next event!

-- Makena

I have attended a few of Monica's live events. She blew me away. Her accuracy was right on point. Her optimism she gives people going through loss is very inspiring. Even when you do not get a personal message, the readings always hold something for you personally to take away from it. Your own loved ones will come though to you by other people's readings. If it hits home for you, it is meant for you as well. Every event I have attended has been wonderful and uplifting. You always leave in a better mood then when you came.

-- Crista

My mom and I had a wonderful experience at Monica’s messages from above events in Tampa, Florida. We drove 4 hours to witness Monica in person and it was so worth it. We didn’t receive a reading but our jaws were dropped by all the validations and messages given. Monica is amazingly gifted and it was so wonderful to see so many people receive healing messages. We cried, we laughed and left the event feeling even more connected to our own loved ones in heaven.

-- Stacey

I first watched Monica on her show on ABC/Freeform. I loved her from the start. I never missed an episode. Then she moved to San Diego and I was soooo excited that I could see her in Encinitas. I have been to three Messages from Above events and I never leave disappointed. As someone who fears the unknown of death, this is what gets me through it. I have never personally experienced a reading but being able to watch others’ experiences brings me so much comfort in the times where I have anxiety about whether or not I’ll see my loved ones after they’ve gone or I have gone. I am so thankful to have Monica in our community and that she is able to bring hope and closure to so many people who have lost loved ones, especially tragically or unexpected. Every reading is spot on. I have brought friends every time I go see her and they leave SHOCKED and AMAZED. Monica is truly an angel among us.

-- Christie

-- Diane

My boyfriend brought me to Monica’s reading event in Tampa, FL as a surprise. I had made him watch every season of Monica the Medium against his will. He ended up getting into it though. He even got defensive for her when people questioned her gift. We did not receive a reading at the event but were so moved by how genuine she is. She really cares about each person in the room. She is so real and completely herself. She laughs and cries with you. Everyone in the audience feels what she and the person she is reading are feeling. It’s a really amazing energy you will only understand if you attend. Monica is the real deal and a gift from God. I would do anything to support her and her journey. 

-- Susannah

My brother won a free reading via Skype and I joined him for it. My step brother came through and said “you would’ve had to pay me to believe In this shit when I was alive and that his mind was blown that this stuff is real.” Monica described and portrayed my step brother Michael's personality spot on. She brought up the fact that he played an instrument and then asked if I had his guitar pick and I had it in my pocket and I pulled it out and showed her! Nobody knew that I had any of his stuff, not even my brother so this was a jaw dropping moment. Monica even freaked herself out with that one! Ha Everything that Monica touched on was so spot on that there’s no way she would have known these things. Hearing Monica say that my step brother wants us to know that he’s with God specifically has brought so much peace to our lives and I am 120% convinced that Monica is an angel! My reading has brought so much hope to the fact of an afterlife and I wish I could’ve shared this experience with the rest of my family but I feel so thankful that I got this opportunity and experience. Literally the coolest experience I’ve ever had! There’s just nothing like it! 💜

-- Cayla

I am very happy to give this testimonial! I went to my one and only live (so far) show/reading Monica did in Syracuse NY. (: Although I wasn't called on I enjoyed watching people just get so much healing from her and the energy and love in the room was so palpable I felt and it's not easy to put in words but... I felt such a growth. Spiritually that is, just by being in the room alone and just quietly listening. Feeling Monica's energy and her clear connection from the other side, I almost didn't necessarily need to be called on, because I was already healing in some other way I can't even describe. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long at the end because I didn't live in that area and needed to catch a bus on a strict schedule back home. When I nervously explained to her sister my situation and really didn't want to intrude on the other VIPs waiting, Monica and her sister made me feel so welcomed (of course the other guests didn't mind) and not a bother or annoying fan (lol) AT ALL. Everything from the beginning to the very end was genuine uplifting healing and  gave me an unquenchable thirst for more and more learning and healing! Even if I don't get picked for the chance for a reading I am still grateful that I get to talk about my live experience with Monica.

-- Nora


A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. is the first thing that comes to mind about my experience. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I saw Monica first on her TV show forever ago and I loved it, which lead me to keep following her story & I saw she was having a show in Encinitas and it seriously was such a beautiful night. I was hoping that my Nana would come through, which didn't end up happening, but as she says, sometimes the people who get readings around you are also for you, and I totally related to quite a few things that I definitely needed to hear at that point in my life. I loved her energy and it really made the whole experience just that much better. I think the people who got the readings needed them the most and she absolutely made me laugh so many times. What a beautiful gift she has, and it is SO generous and wonderful for her to share her gift with the world. Such an AMAZING experience, I can't wait to go again.

-- Kayla

I received a reading from Monica 15 months after my mom passed away. My mom and I have been following Monica since day one. We promised each other that if one of us were to die, the other would go find Monica (at an event or something) and make a reading happen. We both kept that promise. Monica’s reading to me was everything and more. She validated multiple times that it was my mom in ways that no one else could have done. The whole reading was just what I needed to hear at that time of my grieving process. It also helped my siblings and other family members once I told them all about it. I can’t explain the amount of comfort I have received every time I hear one of Monica’s readings. She is amazing at what she does and I don’t know how anyone can be a skeptic after watching her do her thing!

-- Leah