Event Testimonials

I have now personally seen Monica at four different live events.  Each time I have taken a different friend who had never heard of her, let alone believed in this kind of thing.  I have witnessed Monica's gift with jaw dropping amazement each time.  Each friend that I have exposed to this not only is in awe of the breathtaking accuracy that Monica possesses but now they bring friends of their own to Monica's live events!  I cannot express in words the unbelievable way she conveys to the person she's reading the messages she's receiving from their loved ones, it's something to be witnessed and astonished by.  Monica's gift is REAL, matched only by her genuine sincerity and down to earth manner that makes her truly remarkable.  It is life changing, and if you're doubtful go see for yourself.  Even if you don't get a reading you'll be picking your jaw up off the ground!

-- Barbara

I married my high school sweetheart and our 25th wedding anniversary was coming up on Valentines Day. Our daughter had just moved to San Diego after getting married and we decided to fly out and celebrate our anniversary with them. We had watched Monica the Medium on TV and my wife thought it would be neat to attend her event together in Encinitas, CA. A month later, tragedy struck, and my wife passed away. Two days after the funeral, my daughter found out she was pregnant. I don't remember much during that holiday season as sorrow, guilt, anger, and pain battled to take over my life. Our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and my daughter insisted that I fly out and spend it with her instead of being alone. We debated on whether we should attend Monica's event, as our hearts were shattered and we were still shell-shocked from the terrible loss. After many tears, we decided to honor my wife's desire for us to see Monica together. Deep down I had hoped that Monica's "messages from above" would provide us with some peace of mind. With my daughter at my side, we listened to Monica deliver personal messages to other guests. Amid the tears, were laughter, and also a sense of comfort. And when Monica said, “I have someone's wife here”, and looked over in my direction, my heart skipped a beat, and I squeezed my daughters hand. When Monica added, “her daughter is also in the audience.”, I heard a soft, “Mommy.” escape my daughters lips. I raised my hand, and then Monica asked us to come onstage. Words cannot begin to describe how phenomenal the experience was. Monica nailed my wife's name and that she was physically supposed to be at the event. Monica channeled her fun-loving personality, and relayed that “she says don't be sad, she has the best seat in the house.” With one incredible validation after another, there was no denying that Monica is the real deal. Her details were spot on and not generic. The empathy Monica exhibited was genuine and eased some of the sorrow that was enveloping me. At that time, my life was filled with despair, sadness, and low spirits. Going to Monica's event was a turning point in my life, as the messages I heard helped turn me away from my plan of suicide. Knowing that I wasn't totally abandoned, or being punished, and hearing that my wife was no longer in pain, helped me summon the strength to carry on. There are still days when I struggle with the tsunami of emotions from losing her, but the feeling of hopelessness is slowly dissipating. Thank you Monica for sharing your gift and ultimately saving my life. And to anyone that is debating on whether to attend one of Monica's events, I highly recommend that you do. She has an incredible gift, a beautiful personality, and a fabulous message for those of us who have lost someone dear, “even though they are not physically here, they are still with you."

-- Everett

My husband and I attended one of Monica's Messages from above events. My husband was very skeptical about mediums and was attending just to support me. We had both been struggling a great deal with the passing of my father last year. Monica connected to my dad and brought through undeniable validations and life changing healing messages. It has been several months since the event and I still think about it every single day and smile, now knowing with certainty my dad is still with me. My husband 1000% believes now and he tells everyone about the experience. I cannot wait to attend another event and I rave to all my friends and family about her. Monica has a beautiful gift and I admire her so much for sharing it with the world.

-- Jaimie

"My husband and I attended a Messages From Above event December 2017 in Encinitas, CA. I lost my mother 4 years ago and was of course hopeful to receive a message from her. During the show, we did not personally receive a reading, but it was incredible to experience the healing that others were so fortunate to receive from Monica! We purchased VIP tickets so we got a chance to meet Monica briefly. She was so sweet! She explained even though we didn't receive a personal message that my Mom was kind enough to step back to let others heal who needed it more. That sounds just like her! She asked if we had any kids and we said yes, two. And she said "ah, there's gonna be one more...in about a year!" Oh lord, this is not something we were really considering, but by golly, wouldn't you know, destiny had it's way with us and we are expecting our 3rd child now..due in December! She claims she isn't a psychic, but she is definitely connected ;-) thanks for the experience!!! It was great and so special!

-- Cassie

Monica delivers the most detailed, accurate messages than any other medium I have come across. She is the only medium I fully trust because it's evident how genuine and passionate she is when helping others. I've seen her give live readings and she was on point! The information she can interpret and communicate leaves little room for questions about the energy or spirit that remains after loved ones are physically gone. She has an amazing jaw-dropping personal story on how she grew to use her innate gifts for others, but the thing I like most about her is that despite this unique ability — she’s just like any other friend or down-to-earth girl you’d meet next door — and it’s very clear she does readings for the right reason (healing) and not just fame or money. It’s cool that she even explains and encourages others to understand that people don't necessarily need “her" to feel their loved ones around them - people can communicate direct to them, which emphasizes her humble, selfless nature.


Thanks for all your work Monica — for sharing your gift with others, mending the communication gap between loved ones, and for making us all think a little bigger and brighter."

-- Christina

I attended Monica's "Messages from Above" event at Drew University in New Jersey. It was beyond fabulous! Monica's readings were spot on, validated by members of the audience who's loved ones came through. Even though I have watched every episode of her tv show and listened to every episode of her podcast (it's awesome), this was my first time seeing Monica in person (or any medium for that matter) and I was blown away not only by her talent as a medium but by her specificity, forthrightness and compassion. I am 100% convinced she is the real deal, without reservation, hesitation or doubt. If you have the chance to see her, do it. Even if you don't get a reading (I didn't), you're happy for those who heard from their loved ones and come away knowing that your loved ones are always thinking and watching over you.

-- Rocco

I attended one of Monica’s events with an open and yet skeptical mind.  After just one reading, my jaw was on the floor! Her ability to pinpoint specific details as validation from loved ones was absolutely remarkable, and she is so relatable and kind.  Honestly though, I walked away that night with a completely different view of the after life which brings me sweet solace to know that I will see my late family, friends, and pets again in a loving, peaceful place.  My fear of death and general anxiety has changed for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I’m totally looking forward to her next event!

-- Makena

I have attended a few of Monica's live events. She blew me away. Her accuracy was right on point. Her optimism she gives people going through loss is very inspiring. Even when you do not get a personal message, the readings always hold something for you personally to take away from it. Your own loved ones will come though to you by other people's readings. If it hits home for you, it is meant for you as well. Every event I have attended has been wonderful and uplifting. You always leave in a better mood then when you came.

-- Crista

My mom and I had a wonderful experience at Monica’s messages from above events in Tampa, Florida. We drove 4 hours to witness Monica in person and it was so worth it. We didn’t receive a reading but our jaws were dropped by all the validations and messages given. Monica is amazingly gifted and it was so wonderful to see so many people receive healing messages. We cried, we laughed and left the event feeling even more connected to our own loved ones in heaven.

-- Stacey

I first watched Monica on her show on ABC/Freeform. I loved her from the start. I never missed an episode. Then she moved to San Diego and I was soooo excited that I could see her in Encinitas. I have been to three Messages from Above events and I never leave disappointed. As someone who fears the unknown of death, this is what gets me through it. I have never personally experienced a reading but being able to watch others’ experiences brings me so much comfort in the times where I have anxiety about whether or not I’ll see my loved ones after they’ve gone or I have gone. I am so thankful to have Monica in our community and that she is able to bring hope and closure to so many people who have lost loved ones, especially tragically or unexpected. Every reading is spot on. I have brought friends every time I go see her and they leave SHOCKED and AMAZED. Monica is truly an angel among us.

-- Christie

-- Diane

My boyfriend brought me to Monica’s reading event in Tampa, FL as a surprise. I had made him watch every season of Monica the Medium against his will. He ended up getting into it though. He even got defensive for her when people questioned her gift. We did not receive a reading at the event but were so moved by how genuine she is. She really cares about each person in the room. She is so real and completely herself. She laughs and cries with you. Everyone in the audience feels what she and the person she is reading are feeling. It’s a really amazing energy you will only understand if you attend. Monica is the real deal and a gift from God. I would do anything to support her and her journey. 

-- Susannah

My brother won a free reading via Skype and I joined him for it. My step brother came through and said “you would’ve had to pay me to believe In this shit when I was alive and that his mind was blown that this stuff is real.” Monica described and portrayed my step brother Michael's personality spot on. She brought up the fact that he played an instrument and then asked if I had his guitar pick and I had it in my pocket and I pulled it out and showed her! Nobody knew that I had any of his stuff, not even my brother so this was a jaw dropping moment. Monica even freaked herself out with that one! Ha Everything that Monica touched on was so spot on that there’s no way she would have known these things. Hearing Monica say that my step brother wants us to know that he’s with God specifically has brought so much peace to our lives and I am 120% convinced that Monica is an angel! My reading has brought so much hope to the fact of an afterlife and I wish I could’ve shared this experience with the rest of my family but I feel so thankful that I got this opportunity and experience. Literally the coolest experience I’ve ever had! There’s just nothing like it! 💜

-- Cayla

I am very happy to give this testimonial! I went to my one and only live (so far) show/reading Monica did in Syracuse NY. (: Although I wasn't called on I enjoyed watching people just get so much healing from her and the energy and love in the room was so palpable I felt and it's not easy to put in words but... I felt such a growth. Spiritually that is, just by being in the room alone and just quietly listening. Feeling Monica's energy and her clear connection from the other side, I almost didn't necessarily need to be called on, because I was already healing in some other way I can't even describe. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long at the end because I didn't live in that area and needed to catch a bus on a strict schedule back home. When I nervously explained to her sister my situation and really didn't want to intrude on the other VIPs waiting, Monica and her sister made me feel so welcomed (of course the other guests didn't mind) and not a bother or annoying fan (lol) AT ALL. Everything from the beginning to the very end was genuine uplifting healing and  gave me an unquenchable thirst for more and more learning and healing! Even if I don't get picked for the chance for a reading I am still grateful that I get to talk about my live experience with Monica.

-- Nora

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. is the first thing that comes to mind about my experience. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I saw Monica first on her TV show forever ago and I loved it, which lead me to keep following her story & I saw she was having a show in Encinitas and it seriously was such a beautiful night. I was hoping that my Nana would come through, which didn't end up happening, but as she says, sometimes the people who get readings around you are also for you, and I totally related to quite a few things that I definitely needed to hear at that point in my life. I loved her energy and it really made the whole experience just that much better. I think the people who got the readings needed them the most and she absolutely made me laugh so many times. What a beautiful gift she has, and it is SO generous and wonderful for her to share her gift with the world. Such an AMAZING experience, I can't wait to go again.

-- Kayla

I received a reading from Monica 15 months after my mom passed away. My mom and I have been following Monica since day one. We promised each other that if one of us were to die, the other would go find Monica (at an event or something) and make a reading happen. We both kept that promise. Monica’s reading to me was everything and more. She validated multiple times that it was my mom in ways that no one else could have done. The whole reading was just what I needed to hear at that time of my grieving process. It also helped my siblings and other family members once I told them all about it. I can’t explain the amount of comfort I have received every time I hear one of Monica’s readings. She is amazing at what she does and I don’t know how anyone can be a skeptic after watching her do her thing!

-- Leah

Monica asked who had lost a husband and many raised their hands. Being gay and uncomfortable with revealing this in front of such a large group, I didn’t raise my hand. She then came down from the stage, stood next to me and asked "Did you lose your husband?" and I answered "Yes". She then had me come on stage and oddly I did it fairly calmly and also without breaking down in tears. Knowing that he is in a good place and is still around helps to bring a peaceful calm; a closure I've been longing for. Monica gave me an immeasurable gift that night by helping me connect with my husband. What a classy lady the way in which she communicates these messages. 

-- Eduardo

My experience was Monica was truly an unforgettable one. I’ve actually had a reading from another medium years ago but the reading from Monica felt much more genuine and compassionate. Monica has such a warm personality and it felt like we were friends for years, which was very comforting during such an emotional experience. Monica instantly connected me with my mom and was able to share things with me that no one else would possibly know (she knew my sister was pregnant before anyone else had been told!) I loved every second of our reading and I reread the notes from it all the time. Monica is a blessing here on earth!

-- Michelle

2015 was a life changing year for me, not only did I lose my oldest sister, but I also lost a very close cousin of mine as well as my grandmother in the short time span of 8 months. That year was filled with so many emotions and a lot of grief and sadness. My two best friends introduced me to Monica and would always talk about how cool it would be if I got a reading from her. About a year later I was able to attend Monicas event, with that being said I went to the event with an open mind and told myself what's meant to be will be so If I didn't get a reading I wouldn't be disappointed. That night I did not get a reading but let me tell you the experience was mind-blowing. It was so beautiful to see so many people get healing messages from their loved ones. Fast forward to 2017 Monica had announced she was going to start her podcast and was giving people the opportunity to get a spontaneous reading over the phone. I of course entered. Months went on and I eventually left to college and I fell into deep depression and just felt so lost without my oldest sister and grandmother who I looked up to so much. This was such a big transition in my life and I had to do it without them. I cried the first 3 months of college everyday until one phone call changed my life. I was laying on the floor telling my roommates/best friends about how I didn't think I could stay much longer and how I was ready to move back home because life was just so mentally draining. I received a phone call from a private number, I always ignore private numbers so the first call I of course didn't answer but when I got a call not even a minute late from a private number again I knew it had to be important. I answered the phone and it was Monica! She had told me I had won a free reading for her very first podcast and instantly my mood was lifted. In the podcast you could hear just how happy I was to hear it was her. When we began the reading she told me that there were three people coming in and I knew instantly who they were. She started off with my sister and I instantly was in tears. Monica was so spot on with everything when it came to my sister. Monica was able to explain the fun, bright and loving person my sister was. She explained how my sister knew everything that had been going on in my life and how proud she was of me. Monica was so spot on with everything it blew my mind. She was able to get names of my family members and was even able to bring up things that know one could ever know unless they were close to me. My grandma then stepped in and again everything that Monica was telling me was so spot on to things my grandma would say. Lastly my cousin came in and gave such a healing message to pass on to his mom and sisters. The reading was supposed to last 15 minutes but it ended up taking up about 50 minutes because there was so much to be said. Something about that phone call literally changed everything for me. When I got off the call I instantly felt so much weight lifted off of me and actually felt happy for once. Monica's amazing gift literally helped me get the reassurance I needed that the people that I love so dearly are with me every step of the way even though they aren't physically here on earth. I couldn't thank Monica enough for what she has done for me. I will forever be thankful for that phone call. If you would like to hear the specific reading the podcast is the very first one Monica has ever posted.

-- Victoria

Monica Ten-Kate is by far the best medium I have ever witnessed work. She is so kind and compassionate to all. I admire her selfless act of using her energy and time to heal others. When I attended a live reading in NY I was pulled from the audience and the reading was 100% spot on; names, dates, and countless other things no one else would have known. I honestly could not of asked for a better experience and to be read by her again would be an absolute honor as many things have happened in my life since my reading. I would recommend Monica to any one of my friends or family without a doubt.

-- Josh

Monica’s high energy and fun sense of humor are an added plus to her extremely compelling, empathic, and accurate readings. She has an incredible way of translating messages from spirit to their loved ones. I couldn’t have loved Monica’s Messages from Above event more that I did. She is blessed with an amazing gift. I can’t wait to attend her next Encinitas event! Thank you Monica for sharing your gift and for providing life changing messages to those who need it the most!

-- Patty

I attended the event in Syracuse NY. Even though I didn't receive a reading, this was one of the most magical, emotional and beautiful experiences of my life. What Monica does is truly unbelievable. The readings I was able to witness in person have held a special place in my heart and have made me feel closer to those who have crossed over in my life. I hope to be able to attend another event out this way again. Thank you Monica for all you do!

-- Nicole

I attended Monica’s live event in Buffalo Grove, IL in December 2018. Although I wasn’t directly read, I did receive some signs from my loved ones through other people’s readings. Monica is not only an AMAZING medium, she’s HILARIOUS. She could have another successful career as a stand-up comedian. She has the most beautiful gift and she’s a beautiful person inside & out. I will definitely be attending another one of her live events. Even though I wasn’t personally read, watching her help heal others who truly needed it was an amazing experience.

-- Alex

I can’t even tell you how life changing my reading was. Monica is wonderful. I received the exact information that was needed for me at the time. Because of this gift of her reading I believe my life was saved. I was in such a deep depression that I had given up on living my life. I heard from my mother, my best friend in the world. She provided me with some much needed information and love. She let me know that all my loved ones that passed are in a good place and together and told me that my life on this earth is not over yet and to start living it again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Monica.

-- Debbie

I was lucky enough to see Monica during a live meeting this past September of 2018. To be honest, I had never even heard about her before! A very thoughtful friend invited me. I was completely blown away! Monica is the most kind hearted, fun loving, deeply caring person! She is also the real deal!! Even though I did not get a direct reading, I got many bits and pieces that I know were meant for me through other peoples readings that night. My friend that invited me got a direct reading that night and it was incredible! One of the most amazing experiences ever! Monica will make you laugh, make you cry and make you a true believer! Thank you Monica for such an incredible experience! The messages that she got across could not be made up or looked up! One reading that night that will forever stick out to me was a grandmother that came through to her grand daughter. Monica asked the grand daughter if her grandmother had a thing for yellow taxi's or drove a yellow taxi or even just really liked them. The grand daughter began to cry and said no, but the night before her grandmother passed she had a dream about her saying goodbye and jumping in a yellow taxi. The next morning her grandmother had passed away!!!!! You cannot make this up!!! Beautiful! Still gives me chills!

-- Candra

I gifted live event tickets to my best friend for her birthday and we had such a fun and emotional night! Although neither of us received personal readings, we still had the most amazing time hearing other's readings and incredible stories. It was still a comfort to feel like our loved ones are truly with us, even if we didn't hear from them directly. It really seemed like those who needed it the most, got readings that night. Monica has a truly east coast candid way of channeling the true personality of the spirit and making it feel like they're really in the room. She made us laugh and cry at the same time. I really did not expect this to be such a fun night. She is so spot on a detailed in her readings, pulling details from small anecdotal connections that the spirit had with their loved one. I don't know how anyone could be a skeptic after experiencing her readings! I will definitely be going back for another live event!

-- Danielle

Monica IS AMAZING! I attended her show in Madison, NJ with my sisters and it was our first time seeing a medium at work. Monica is a perfect balance of funny and professionalism. You can see how her work really does heal people who are hurting or have unanswered questions. It is really amazing what Monica does and I left the show in awe. 

-- Amy

I’ve listened to the podcasts, but it was nothing like the live event. You can connect to every story in some way, which makes healing a little better. Monica is such a friendly and welcoming person. This made my first event a little less intimidating. It wasn’t easy going by myself, but Monica and the others in the audience, made it so much better. We’re all going though the same thing, so this was a great way to bond and meet people in your same journey!

-- Gabrielle

Can I just say that this young lady is one of the most amazing people I've come into contact with. Monica transmits so much positive energy and provides a calm atmosphere for the individuals present. I was fortunate to be able to purchase two tickets for her New Jersey event which was on September 29, 2018. Once she stepped onto the stage, she gave background on how spirit comes to her and how she interprets sign from spirits. immediately she began her first reading and continued throughout the night with so much love, patience and humor. Monica has so much charisma and I could see how the individuals whom received readings were more at peace once she was done with them. Its absolutely amazing to see and to experience, loved ones being reunited momentarily and once in a lifetime experience.

-- Jessica

I’ll start off by saying Monica has changed my life!!! My dad passed away very unexpectedly and my whole family was torn. My brother and I had the chance to go to the New Jersey event on September 29th, 2018 and it was incredible!!! All the healing messages that came through were so touching. We were ones of the lucky ones who were able to get a reading right at the end!! I forever will be grateful of such an amazing experience. Everything that Monica told us was exactly what we needed to hear and was 100% our dad.. (We now know that there is no language barriers, since he spoke Spanish) Everything was so validating!!!! So many questions were left unanswered after my dads passing, but with the messages received through Monica we are at peace to know our father is safe and happy in heaven!! I could never thank you enough Monica, we love you!!!!

-- Daribel

I first discovered Monica on her ABC show and was deeply touched by her abilities and genuine nature. My husband and I attended her Messages from Above event last night in New Jersey, and it was truly an amazing experience. Monica presents her authentic self, is kind, lighthearted, and of course- gifted! She did a beautiful job explaining her gift and how the event was going to go. One by one she gave readings to people who truly needed to hear from spirit. Monica knows how to provide empathy while giving her readings. She has an innate ability to connect with others in the physical and spiritual world! It was astounding how much detail she is able to provide in readings. I know the audience members who heard from their loved ones must have been so deeply touched and therefore able to take a step towards healing. Even without receiving a reading, I was affected by the event and Monica's words. She provided relevant insight into Heaven and the way we connect with our loved ones. It was a wonderful experience.

-- Kristen

After being blown away at Monica’s Philadelphia event, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the New Jersey one! Monica is truly gifted with her connection to spirit. Her readings are so on point, and have such intimate details. She is without a doubt legit in every way. I brought my skeptical husband with me to the New Jersey event and he will never again question any of it. He is now a true believer in spirit and even more so in Monica. There will never be a Thank You measurable enough for sharing your gift with the world, but from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You. You are healing lives one reading at a time and you are absolutely an angel here on earth.

-- Stella

Over some time now I have attended multiple events where Monica has completely changed my outlook on life and the afterlife... Seeing Monica give messages is more than words can say. Each event I attended was an encompassing experience, I could feel the empathy in the room from all of those around me. Everyone who attends her events seem to be the nicest and most caring individuals around. I used to attend the events alone and each time I've walked away with a friend on speed dial. My first event specifically I sat next to a man who ended up becoming my hair dresser! Her easy going candor and quick whit makes it effortless to relate no matter who she is interacting with one on one. 

-- Stephanie

I attended a live event in Chicago, Illinois. Although I did not receive a reading, several people in the audience did, and it was absolutely amazing! I think I cried and laughed with every reading. I believe everyone goes in a little skeptical, but to hear these readings and to see and feel the people's reactions is something that almost cannot be put into words. I am so thankful for someone to dedicate their life to use a gift that they are given to help others. She has to be one of the most selfless people I've ever met. I hope that God continues to use her to help so many more, and that God blesses her for her act of kindness.

-- Tamara

After watching Monica the Medium on television, I was so forlorn to hear that her show wasn't being renewed for Season 3. So when I heard Monica was coming to the Bay Area for Messages from Above event, I jumped at the chance to see her live. I went to the event expecting to be somewhat impressed and entertained but Monica did that night was beyond amazing! I think everyone to some degree can help but be a little skeptical when it comes to mediums and their self-professed abilities to connect with spirit. But whatever doubts I may have had were immediately vanquished by the repeated validations she was getting left and right from spirit for each and every person she read that night. Countless times, Monica was able to pinpoint facts and memories that she would not have ever guessed in a million years. So many times, my jaw fell to the floor in awe as she blurted out what seemed like crazy random things but it connected perfectly with the person she was reading. To say the experience was transformative is just the tip of the iceberg. It was a magical night. Obviously when Monica came back to the Bay Area, I had to be there a second time. This time, I brought my boss with me who had lost her mother several years ago. Although Monica didn't read her specifically, Monica said that whatever resonates with us is in fact messages from spirit for us. There were several points that truly hit home with my boss specific to the loss of her mother and she felt that sense of healing from the experience. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the Messages from Above events. Monica has an amazing gift and I am so glad that she isn't afraid to share it with the world. What makes her extra special to me is her charmingly witty and funny personality and how just genuine she is. She even remembered that I'd given her dog Luna a dog toy the last time I saw her. I can't wait for her to come back to the Bay.

-- Ruth

My boyfriend and I attended one of Monica's events in San Diego on the 1 year anniversary of us being a couple. We always said it was a running a joke that Monica brought us together because really random events involving her had happened prior to us being a couple. Our first year anni was no different. We sat in the very back and watched this amazing women give mind blowing, detailed messages to deserving people. After one particularly deep and emotional reading with a lady, Monica got on stage and said she was going to share a light hearted funny message. She looks around the room and points directly at my boyfriend and goes YOU. She asks him if his grandfathers had passed, there were two of them coming through. He nods yes. She begins to ask my boyfriend what's up with the clocks? Are the clocks in your house always getting messed up? At this point we are excited because she is with him and he says yes. Monica tells him oh that's your grandpa he is a jokester. She says its his grandfather playing around with the clocks. Little did she know, the clocks in our home were always set to random times even after continuously fixing them. Then she asks him, who is Jim. Hint Hint, its his grandpa's name. She continues to give amazing details. Then Monica proceeds to him "your grandpa says put a ring on it already". She looks at me and tells me "Did you know you are his perfect match? If he could design his perfect fit or the best person for him, it would be you. His grandpa says you are a good influence on him and that he needs to lock it down already". Everyone in the room is laughing. Monica tells us we are surrounded by love and support on the other side so when we do decide to take the next step our loved ones will be there! It was a beautiful message to get after years of friendship and on our 1 year anniversary.

-- Jamie

My sister and I attended Monica's event on September 8, 2018 in Encinitas, CA. The experience was amazing. I had a dream/visitation from my deceased mother three days prior to the event (only the second dream of her since her death 3 years prior), wherein she told me she was doing well, and her health was good. While at Monica's show, my mother (the "ginger" with "short red curly hair") came through and Monica called on us. Basically Monica passed along the same information from the dream that I had 3 days prior. Monica also mentioned our deceased sibling (my sister's twin who died shortly after birth) was with my mom and dad. I was incredibly happy to hear that my mom was in a better place, was able to communicate and had a desire to reach out to us. Again, the whole experience was amazing and I'm in awe of Monica's gift and how she uses it for uplifting purposes.

-- Karen

I attended one of Monica's events in San Diego with my mom and couple friends. It was a life changing experience! Last year I lost my father, we were super close. He was my twin soul. Sadly he was shot and killed it was so sudden I never got to say goodbye. I have received lots of signs from him such as dimes and repeating numbers but I needed more. Growing up I was raised to not believe in mediums and palm readers etc until I heard about Monica. Hearing her podcasts are so comforting and made my heart feel warm. So I decided to go to her event. After several people getting their readings I was beginning to lose hope that Daddy wasn’t going to come through. Sure enough he did, he was the very last one. Everything she said was spot on. She said so many things I needed to hear. I am forever grateful and definitely will attend messages from above again. Its still so surreal. Its like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe again. Thank you Monica.

-- Kendra

Where do I begin?! My mom and I have always believed in mediums and I had watched your show on abc family (freeform), told her about you and she was hooked. Long story short, she bought us tickets for my August bday to your Encinitas show in December 2016. We were both hoping to hear from my uncle (her brother). And we did. You gave us the most amazing message. Although we were the ones there, the message was for us to give to his kids and his parents. Regardless, we took so much away from it. I know you don’t remember many details but he was hitting on you before you gave us our wonderful reading and that’s how we knew it was for real. Even being believers you can get skeptical. But every word you spoke, was him. Down to your fun delivery of the