Hi, I'm  




  And I talk to  


 dead people.

 Say Whaatt?

Yes, for real! Although to be honest, I don't normally refer to them as dead people

(that's just my ice-breaker line lol). ​

At a soul level (and buried deep within our subconscious minds) we all have an innate ability to connect to those that have crossed over. Yet, for some people (like me) it comes to surface much more naturally or they're able to fine-tune, develop, and strengthen it like a muscle! And even though we all have this ability deep down; I do believe that some of us are literally hand-picked by Spirit to do this work professionally and share it with others. I just happen to be one of them! Sharing my gift with others is my purpose. It's what I signed up to do during this journey to "Earth School" before I was even born.


I've been able to use my gift to bring healing, hope, and comfort to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But unfortunately this work takes A LOT of energy, and since I'm only one person, I can't connect with each and every one of you individually. But what I CAN do is share my gift in other ways that allow me to reach and help as many people as possible. 

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